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Can anyone throw any light on the above photo' of these St. Joseph's girls? - apparently taken in St. Joseph's school-yard. Wonder who is the small boy on the corner?


Left: It's the Annual Whit Monday Procession - sometime in the 1960's. Father Tobin, Parish Priest at St. Joseph's, walks in the company of Archbishop Beck.


Above: Whit Monday Walk, thought to be sometime in the 1950’s.

St. Joseph’s gentlemen in the photograph are:
  1. Charles Fitzsimmons (father of Joe)

  2. William Halliwell
  3. Frank Liptrot
  4. William Burrows
  5. John Keenan
  6. Cuthbert Keenan
  7. Tom Heron
  8. Frank Hughes

Above: These ladies and gentlemen of St. Joseph's are out on a day trip - but where had they been and when? Recognise anyone?

Above: First Communicants at St. Joseph's - 1967.

Somewhere in the photograph are: Stuart McConie, Stephen Foster, Timothy Holgate, David Lavin, Kenneth Duffy, Tony Rowe, Christopher Marsh, Stephen Horrocks, Martin Hock, John Howarth, John Conway, Bernard MacMahon, Terry Porter, Martin Callaghan, Robert Charnock, Stephen Jennings, Keith Ashurst, Anthony Hickey, John O’Grady, Stephen Hankin, Judith Toohey, Brenda Howe, Pauline Johnson and Deborah Cullen.

On the left of the picture is Parish Priest, Fr. R. Tobin. On the right is Fr. D. Cadogan, curate.


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