O Lord, give me the grace
to work to bring about
the things that I pray for.
(St. Thomas More)
The word "LISTEN" contains the same letters as the word "SILENT".
Re-arrange the letters of the word "CHRISTIANITY" and you will discover it's secret -


Give God what's right, not what's left!
Wisdom has two parts:
1) Having a lot to say. 2) Not saying it.

Live as if Christ died yesterday, arose this morning, and is coming back tomorrow.


"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving."  (Mother Teresa)

Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal.
"Consider every day that you are then for the first time - as it were the beginning; and always act with the same fervour as on the first day you began." Saint Antony of Padua.
"He became what we are that He might make us what He is." Athanasius
Reflect that in reality you have a greater need to serve [the poor] than they have of your service." 
Angela Merici
The Most Blessed Sacrament is Christ made visible. The poor sick person is Christ again made visible.
Saint Gerard Majella
"He is rich in spirit who has his riches in his spirit not his spirit in his riches; he is poor in spirit who has no riches in his spirit, or his spirit in his riches." Saint Francis de Sales.
"Is there anything better on earth than gentleness?
If there were Jesus Christ would have taught it to
us. But Jesus has given us only two lessons.
"Learn from me," he said, "for I am meek and lowly of heart". Saint Francis de Sales.

"As birds, wherever they fly, always meet with the air, so we, wherever we go, or wherever we are, shall always find God present."
-- Saint Francis de Sales.

Those who die in grace go no further than God, and God is very near.
The beginning of love for your brothers is learning to listen to them.  Bonhoeffer.
Not he that has little, but he who wishes for more, is poor.
All the treasures of the earth cannot bring back one lost moment.
Whoso stoppeth his ear to the poor shall cry out himself and not be heard.
The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right.  
"Let nothing disturb you, nothing alarm you;
All things pass away. God remains unchanged.
Be patient and you will obtain everything,
For with God in your heart, nothing is lacking.
God meets every one of your needs."
St. Teresa of Avila.
LIFE IS . . . .
Life is opportunity  . . . . . benefit from it.
Life is beauty . . . . . . . . admire it.
Life is bliss . . . . . . . . .taste it.
Life is a dream . . . . . . . .realise it.
Life is a challenge . . . . . .meet it.
Life is a duty . . . . . . . . complete it.
Life is a game . . . . . . . . play it.
Life is costly . . . . . . . . care for it.
Life is wealth . . . . . . . . keep it.
Life is love . . . . . . . . . enjoy it.
Life is a mystery . . . . . . .know it.
Life is a promise . . . . . . .ulfil it.
Life is sorrow . . . . . . . . overcome it.
Life is a song . . . . . . . . sing it.
Life is a stranger . . . . . . accept it.
Life is a tragedy . . . . . . .confront it.
Life is an adventure . . . . . desire it.
Life is LIFE . . . . . . . . . fight for it.

(Mother Teresa)